It’s in the Cards…

“I met Sharon Moon several years ago. At that time she did a reading for me that was amazing. She knew stuff about me that no one else knew and that I did not give her any insight to knowing. She told me the truth without overly sugar-coating it. Ever since that reading, I have had Sharon perform a reading for me once a month. It is amazing the insight she has. Sharon truly has a gift that is unique and genuine. She is the best psychic I have ever worked with.”
Colorado Springs, Co

“I have a really hard time describing Sharon Moon in words. Sharon has been my psychic advisor for years and over time she has become my mentor. I knew I had a special gift but never had someone who took the time to help me develop my clairsentience. Sharon brought that gift to life. She is my daily inspiration to become the strongest, most honest, and compassionate psychic I can be. Her accuracy, insight, and wisdom are astonishing and I cannot imagine my world without her. She is my lifeline to the angels, the guides, and most of all, my true self.”
Irvine, Calif.

“Sharon Moon is the best psychic I have ever known. Sharon has predicted some very large events in my life. I find Sharon to be highly intelligent and a very kind person. I personally love the books Sharon has written. I use one of them for my readings (I am an intuitive also.)  Sharon’s books have helped me immensely. Sharon is 1 in a million. She is a true reader. Thank you for being you.”
Longmont, Colorado

“Sharon is a gentle, compassionate and gifted person. I have had numerous readings from Sharon, and believe me I am the biggest skeptic there is. Being in the legal field, you learn to trust no one. Sharon is simply amazing in her gift and has made me a true believer that there are people with these rare and special gifts to help others. These gifts are simply unexplainable. She answered all my questions and took time, with this doubting Thomas. She made me feel comfortable and she is non-judgmental when the topics turned to a difficult subject. She gives you the facts and what her guides tell her, and does it in a professional manner. She is truly amazing and very accurate. I love the disclaimer she says when I am asking about time lines. She is by far the most accurate on time lines and takes no responsibility for that. She always disclaims that time is the hardest thing to tell but she has hit me right everytime. Thanks Sharon – your number one skeptic – and now your number one fan.”
Helena, Montana

 “I have always considered myself to be a skeptic. My girlfriend told me about Sharon and I thought it would be an amusing way to spend half an hour of my time. That was twelve years ago and three girlfriends later. I’m happily married now with our second child on the way. Sharon has a professional demeanor but most importantly—accuracy. I wouldn’t make an important decision without consulting Sharon first.”
Miami Beach, FL
“My experience with Sharon has been just short of miraculous. I love that she ‘tells it like it is’ even when you might not be expecting it! She’s fun to be with because she is so lighthearted and filled with joy. The information she shares is so accurate. Once she predicted that my daughter’s house that had been on the market for over a year would sell in 10 weeks. In the 10th week, it SOLD! Can’t beat that for predictions! Sharon has a gift that is awesome and I’m truly blessed that she’s willing to share it with so many of us. Thanks Sharon!’
Lakewood, Co.

“Sharon Moon has done my readings since 2001. Wow, it has been 11 years! Sharon has always been so warm and easy to talk to. She has a certain presence about her that has people like me wanting her in their life. Sharon has been extremely accurate on many of my readings. She is a great guide! I have referred many people to Sharon and all have been pleased with her readings and they are repeat customers. I enjoy referring her. She is wonderful!”                                 Murene                                                                                                                Chandler, AZ

“I have been consulting with Sharon on a regular basis for the last six years. Her insight and counsel has been invaluable in every aspect of my life. Be it love, work, family or friends she has helped me blaze a path to true happiness, clarity and purpose in my life. Sharon truly has a gift and is a gift to the planet. I hope others are lucky enough to experience her clairvoyance!!”
Washington, DC
“I have been using Sharon Moon for guidance at least the last 13 years. She has been so very helpful over this time in helping me to make choices when faced with dilemmas that she has become an integral part of my life. Her accuracy is unspeakable and I find it such a rare and God given talent. She tells me everything that appears when we talk, not just what I want to hear but what I need to hear and she does it with such warmth and caring technique. I will continue to rely on Sharon for years to come.”
San Clemente, CA
“I met Sharon Moon at party where I thought it was just for entertainment. My life has changed since knowing her. First of all, she really IS psychic. She went on to show me that I really do have choices and control and I have implemented her advice. My life has changed for the better and it all started with Sharon. I will always keep her in my life with much thankfulness.”
Scottsdale, AZ
“I’ve never been asked to write a recommendation that comes easier than this one for Sister Moon. My life has been changed for the better in so many ways, and I truly owe her my life. We met in 1997, my first meeting with a psychic that came at such a tumultuous time in my life that I was grasping at straws for survival. I was immediately comfortable with her and she was clearly what I consider an “old soul”. She explained how she would use her tarot cards to get a feel for me and my current state of mind, and then I could ask questions. The first spread resulted in her telling me that I had very recently lost a loved one, described a large dark man and what he was wearing, that he called me “Kalena” and was holding out his driver’s license. Did this mean anything to me? I was covered with goosebumps, the hair on the back of my neck was standing up and I was virtually speechless for the first minute of my adult life. My Hawaiian husband had just taken his life in our home; his license was missing from the wallet that the coroner had returned to me. Her phenomenal understanding of my situation did not require further questions; I believe I sat and cried while she offered me the most loving, constructive information and enlightenment I had ever experienced. Thus began her entwinement with my life and my children’s lives to our phenomenal benefit. Sister Moon is so good that I summoned the courage (and utilized a white lie or two) to tell law enforcement they were after the wrong suspects in the burglary of my home. The criminals she pointed me toward were convicted. She told me that a lost love was seeking me and how to find him; he has been by my side for two decades since. She insisted that I needed medical care, and despite my initial denial, I sought it. The doctor tried to put me off for six months, but based on my belief in her, I insisted that they do additional testing now. I was diagnosed with Stage 3(c) ovarian cancer, which absolutely would have been the death of me had I waited another half a year for treatment. Despite all the odds, Sister Moon’s absolute insistence that I would beat this disease has me writing to you today, cancer-free, almost five years later. Her assurance that my grandbabies would know me gave me life force I may otherwise not have believed I had. The world is a better place with Sister Moon sharing her skills in it. She is the genuine, loving, true real deal.”
Greeley, Co
“I have the pleasure to write a letter of testimonial regarding my friend, and my advisor, Sharon Moon. I first met Sharon 20 years ago. Sharon gained my friendship, trust, and loyalty as my spiritual advisor. I had no idea that one person could be so wise, and intuned, as to all aspects of my life as to work, family, and employment. You can just feel that she truly cares about you and your family by the tone of her voice, and the feelings she expresses. My life has changed and been extremely enriched. I am so blessed to know the talents and wisdom of Ms. Sharon Moon. As I continuously inform Sharon, my life has been blessed from the day we found her. We love you Sharon!”
Eaton, Co
“I have been going to Psychics and having my cards read for years and I find Sharon Moon to be the most accurate, honest and caring Psychic I have ever encountered. I personally do not use anyone else.”
Arvada, Co
“Sharon has been my constant spiritual guide for over 6 years. She possesses the unique ability to deliver accurate, clear, common sense insight. Regardless of the intensity of the information being transmitted, Sharon maintains her trademark, calm and professional delivery. I have yet to meet another psychic that compares to my experience with Sharon Moon.”
Boston, MA
“Sharon Moon is very gifted! She is accurate and confident in her readings. Everything she has read for me has come to pass with only minor variations in timeline and facts but the ultimate result is always just as she says. She is very kind and compassionate and really makes you feel like she cares about your issue. I always feel calmer, after speaking to Sharon and I always trust her readings! You MUST call her and see for yourself!”
Caroline                                                                                                                Denver, Co

“I have been asked to write a testimonial about Sharon Moon and I only have a few things to say. She’s insightful, on-the-money, and always makes me laugh even when I feel I can’t. Thank you for always uplifting me and knowing that I an not trapped and that I always have choices. May God and Goddess continue to bless you on this journey.”
Long Island, NY

“Sharon Moon has been my spiritual guide for 14 years. The first time I met Sharon, I saw a glowing light around her. Sharon has told me exact date and TIME I was going to win gambling and the amount. Sharon also told me in my group of friends who was going to win, who was going to lose and who was going to break even with 100% accuracy! Sharon has guided me through 2 major surgeries. I told my last surgeon what Sharon saw happening during my surgery with the bone he was removing from my spine and he was thrilled. My surgeon was even more thrilled when it actually happened exactly as Sharon said it would! Sharon has told me I was going to be a grandmother before my daughter told me, Sharon told me my husband was going to get a promotion in March and guess what? My husband got a promotion in March. Sharon is and remains “my hero”. Sharon will absolutely amaze you with her accuracy. Once Sharon reads for you, you will understand what I am trying to explain. You will admire, respect, and fall in love with her as all of her followers have.”
Greeley, Co