Books by Sister Moon

“The Wiccaning”
A step-by-step guide to becoming a modern day Witch

“The Wiccaning,” invites the novice Witch to learn the religion of Wicca and how to move forward on their path of one year and one day to the initiation rite of Wiccaning. The concept and practices of the Wiccan religion are explained along with the laws and rede that form the infrastructure of this Celtic based religion. The Wiccaning can be found on-line at

Correspondences for More Powerful Spells

“Color Casting for Wiccans,” is a modern day spell book for the most enchanting Witch. It contains spells for every day magick along with the charts of how to use colors for more powerful and effectual castings. An absolutely divine grimoire for the novice or experienced Witch. This book is available at

A collection of spells for every magickal day of the year

This is a Book of Shadows compiled by the Coven of Witches and Legends. It has a complete list of spells, rites, and rituals for the practicing solitaire Witch or practicing Coven. “The Wiccan Book of Rites and Rituals,” reveals many secrets of proper color magick and times to cast. It contains rituals for all the Sabbats, Esbats, and other magickal days. An absolute ‘must have’ for the experienced Witch. This book may be purchased on-line at

Practical magick for daily life

“Spell Castings,” is an eclectic grimoire with highly secret, practical, and effectual spells for the novice or experienced Witch. This book contains detailed information involving spells for everyday life. Also included are recipes for Wiccan incenses and oils. This book may be purchased at any book store.