Preparing for Your Session

     Sharon’s readings begin with you and the energy you bring to the table. She will ask for your first and last name, birthday, including the year. She is channeling the Angels, Spirit Guides, and sometimes even the Akashic Records for your information to be acquired and accessed. Every reading begins by channeling warm energy. This means she is simply asking her Guides for validation of who you are and what is currently happening in your life. Many clients believe this is the most significant part of the reading session because it opens the forum to different topics that the seeker may not have even considered asking about.

Sharon believes each reading is as unique as you are. She uses Tarot cards as her main modality and visual stimulant. Each reading is designed by the client and it goes at your own pace. Sharon believes the client’s questions must be answered as clearly and professionally as possible. If there are any people, friends, loved ones, etc., that you would like to inquire about, please provide their first name and date of birth. The energy of these people are tapped in through your energy and she is able to read their energy without bias. If you would like to attach a picture of yourself or anyone else to your email when booking the appointment, it is always appreciated.

It helps to prepare a list of questions so you are not distracted from the things you really need to know. For a 30 minute reading, you may want to have five or six topic questions to ask. Sharon is a fast receiver and likes to give you as much detailed information as you are interested in hearing about. The 60 minute reading involves approximately ten in-depth questions.

If you would like a tape recorded session to be emailed to you, please ask for this. There is no additional charge for this service.